Vigorfit® Gym review by a medical professional

Michael Funk PA-C MPH is a medical professional and college professor, and he has recently gave us review of the Vigorfit Gym. We are happy to provide you with his in depth review as his background as a medical professional and professor at an esteemed medical school will give you a better insight into the Vigorfit Gym.

We think his opinion matters because, as we all know, ALL customer opinions matter. His expertise in the human body as a medical professional of course cannot be questioned, and his informed opinions gives his review of the Vigorfit Gym a more critical and credible air. He should know how the machine will affect the body, and if it helps correctly and safely with its development. Also, r. Funk PA-C MPH has experience with quality rehabilitation equipment, so he can give a better comparison of the Vigorfit Gym with other rehab machines.

Circuit Routine

In Mr. Michael Funk’s testimonial, he mentions a circuit routine, which is basically a set of different exercises done in succession with only little pauses through the session. This circuit routine allows a person like you to perform an easy workout for around 20 minutes that will engage your entire body. This includes cardio-vascular workouts to burn ft, as well as more intense muscle building elements to tone and for the body. Mr. Funk PA-C MPH describes how Vigorfit is perfect for circuit training routines with these elements in mind.

Mr. Funk PA-C MPH also describes how Vigorfit can be better than other professional Total Gyms in the rehabilitation institutions that he has been part of. Not only does he mention that it exceeds the quality of other equipment that he has used for patients, he also states the low cost of Vigorfit when compared to the typical rehabilitation style equipment.

Moreover, he actually describes how the Vigorfit Gym is the best equipment that he has used.

While we always recommend that you check with your physician when it comes to using Fitness equipment, we hold Mr. Funk’s recommendations and opinions in high regard due to his unique insights in the real benefits that Vigorfit Gym has to offer.

Below, you will see Mr Funk’s full review of the Vigorfit Gym:
You can do a very efficient circuit workout, and you can do a focusedworkout on one muscle group. This allows you to work different muscles in a group and to work the same muscles in different ways.

Of all the equipment I have owned, I like this one the best.

The machine is better constructed than the Total Gym in the Physical Therapy clinic I worked in, and that was the top of the line $1000 plus machine.

One thing about this equipment that is unique is that there is no axial loading of the spinal column when exercising. This will slow or eliminate the development of degenerative changes that can come with over use and if you have back problems this will not aggravate those problems.

I like this piece of equipment more and more every time I use it.

– Michael Funk, PA-C. MPH West Palm Beach


We are very grateful to Mr. Funk PA-C MPH for his honest review on the Vigorfit Gym. His expertise should help a lot of other people who are trying to determine the best home gym for them. In a few days, we will be posting an additional review that Medical professional Michael funk hs given for the Vigorfit Gym. Just keep on checking if you want to know bout other unique uses of the Vigorfit Gym that Mr. Funk has discovered.

FitnessBargains Corporate Philosophy

The Fitnessbargains Inc. corporate philosophy can be more easily understood if you understand our products, as well as our passion when it comes to the health and fitness of everyone.

Our company name, FitnessBargains actually embodies our Philosophy. Here at Fitnessbargains, we strive to develop and produce the bes, top quality equipment for your Fitness at affordable prices. This is the key to our Philosophy and that is why the company is named like it is in the first place.

The name came about because of my experience many years ago. I was trying to find a good piece of exercise equipment at an affordable price. After a lot of searching, I found out that the products out there are either very expensive, or they just confuse consumers with many different varying gyms that do virtually the same thing. The machines are all the same, repackaged again just to take more of people’s money.

Another trend we noticed is that most machines out there were eventually outgrown by people. After some usage, people will either get tired of the machine, or the intensity level of the machine just won’t match and challenge the consumer as he or she develops. Of course, this is what the Fitness industry wants to do, so that they could sell more to the consumer. Just look at the different pieces of fitness equipment that many people buy these days, and you will see proof of this. Those machines are just not built to grow with the consumers.

Ideally of course, this should be not happening. If it was done correctly, one piece of fitness equipment should be all that is needed to achieve the results that one person needs. You and many others like you should be able to buy one machine and use it for the rest of your life. This is what the Vigorfit Gym represents. It is a machine that you will never outgrow. Of course, the great thing is that it is sold at an extremely fair price with a lifetime warranty to boot.

In short, our vision is to give quality equipment at really affordable prices. You just need to buy one Vigorfit Gym and you can use it for life. This is our vision materialized especially for you.

The Vigorfit Name

The name Vigorfit is of course composed of two parts. We have “Vigor” and “Fit”. The word “Vigor” in Webster’s dictionary is defined as a representation of strength or force. It also is synonymous with good health, good physical capacity, mental energy and vitality. This is what Vigorft brings to its user. It helps a person gain strength, increases health, develops mental energy and the overall power of one’s body.

Fit” then of course represents Fitness. So in our development years ago. Vigorfit symbolized the primary use and effect of the gym itself. It brought the best physical results for people to be totally Fit and Healthy.

There are many real reviews about the Vigorfit Gym around the Internet. Even in our site, you should see real stories from real people that have been changed positively by the Vigorfit Gym. Of course, we could not put them all in our website, but there are plenty of other reviews in EBay where you will find some 6,500 positive reviews of this great gym. This is proof of the real results that the gym delivers. Note that we also have a perfect “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau which we are also proud of.

In the end, you should know that the ultimate goal of FitnessBargains is to provide you as the consumer with the best fitness equipment at affordable prices. We are proud of our perfect customer support that gives you help before, during and after the sale. Our Philosophy and Passion revolves around empowering lives through the power of personal health and Fitness. Feel free to give us any Input or Feedback that you may have.